Thalassemia patients are suffering due to lock down

The lockdown due to COVID19 has raised many issues and the serious issue is the shortage of blood. Thalassemia patients need our help in this crisis. There are almost 100,000 thalassemia patients in Pakistan. We can save their lives by donating blood.

Thalassemia patients are suffering due to lock down

Due to coronavirus lockdown, various issues are taking place. And one of the serious issues is the shortage of blood for thalassemia patients. The issue of blood shortage is in all over Pakistan. The innocent children need blood, but there is a decline in the donation of the blood. People are forced to sit at home. These children are in dire need of blood donation. The blood comes from different camps and social NGOs. But all the NGOs are appealing to the people to donate more blood to overcome this situation.

We will be able to save lives due to coronavirus by sitting at home, but who will be responsible for the deaths of these innocent children? They need our help in this emergency. The Government has not made any policy to overcome this situation. All the working people of thalassemia centers are also facing issues due to this lockdown. There is also a shortage of medicines for these patients. And the prices of the medicines raised as compared to the previous prices of the same medicines.

According to a report, Pakistan has almost 100,000 thalassemia patients. These patients need fresh blood every month. The students are the primary donors for the blood for thalassemia patients, but as the colleges and universities are closed due to lockdown, that’s why there is a sharp decrease in the donations.

The NGOs stated that their offices are open for the donors. The people should understand the critical situation of these thalassemia patients, and they should come to donate the blood to save thousands of lives.

As a Pakistani, we are the nation full of spirit. The donation of 250 bottles by the Islamabad Police is an example of such spirit. The Islamabad police have donated the blood to the thalassemia patients. According to a report, 5000 babies are born with this deadly disease. These babies need blood every month.

President Dr. Arif Alvi also called the people to come and donate for the thalassemia patients. He also tweeted after the donation given by the Islamabad police. He said thank you to the Islamabad police for playing their part in saving the lives of thalassemia patients.

District Police Bahawalpur also played their part in the blood donation for thalassemia patients. A camp was set up for the blood donation, and all the police, including the District police, dolphin police, elite force, and the telecommunication section, donated the blood through this camp.

All the experts and the doctors request the youth and other people to donate blood for the thalassemia patients. We have to save the lives of these innocent people.