Punjab Government Launches Crackdown Against on SOPs Violators

Government Launches Crackdown Against on SOPs Violators

Punjab Government Launches Crackdown Against on SOPs Violators

LAHORE: Following a rapid increase in coronavirus (Covid-19) patients, the Punjab government has decided to right away launch a crackdown against violation of safety standard operating procedures (SOPs) in six big cities of the province.

However, besides tightening the noose around traders violating the SOPs, the govt has decided to open public parks within the province.

The decisions were made during a meeting of the Punjab Cabinet Committee on Coronavirus here on Thursday.

After evaluating the present Covid-19 situation, including a massive increase in coronavirus cases and casual attitude of the people, the committee decided to require immediate action against violation of safety SOPs in Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, and Gujarat. The meeting approved the strict implementation of safety SOPs within the big cities to contain further spread of the disease.

It also decided to shut down shops and markets ignoring the SOPs besides joint action by the local administration and traffic police against commuters, including motorbike riders, not wearing face masks.
Provincial Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan underlined that increase in Covid-19 cases within the province may be a matter of great concern for the govt. “Every citizen has got to show a responsible attitude to arrest the virus spread, otherwise the govt are going to be compelled to require strict measures,” he maintained and added that the message of strict implementation of precautionary measures must reach all people, that an efficient media campaign has been launched to boost awareness on the difficulty.

He lamented that the govt had resumed conveyance to scale back problems of citizens but a care-free attitude towards social distancing was being observed. “After a significant reduction in petroleum products prices there should be no harm to transporters in complying with the security SOPs and leaving one seat vacant between passengers,” he remarked and stressed that there's a dire need of compliance with the security SOPs in major cities and every one government agencies should team for joint action against violators.

The meeting also decided that the matter of Covid-19 tests of passengers at the airports should be referred for consultation with the National Command and Operational Centre (NCOC).
It was revealed within the meeting that 39 deaths thanks to coronavirus had been reported during the past 24 hours and 36 patients were during a critical condition.

Meanwhile, Industries Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal held a separate meeting with office-bearers of various traders’ bodies at a government building. He warned them about strict action over violation of safety SOPs and said local administration officials will conduct surprise raids in markets and other commercial areas to examine the implementation of the SOPs. “If any violation is found, not only that specific shop but the whole market are going to be sealed.”
Iqbal told the media that similar meetings with traders are underway across the province and it had been necessary to require immediate steps because the number of patients increased at an alarmingly high rate.

He told traders that local administration officials are going to be deployed at entry points of markets and commercial areas and nobody is going to be allowed to enter them without a mask. it's the responsibility of shopkeepers to supply masks to a customer not wearing it.
The minister also warned traders to right away remove all encroachments.

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