Food shortage is expected if coronavirus prolonged in Pakistan

Food shortage is expected in Pakistan if the coronavirus is prolonged in Pakistan. The Government should maintain the food production and food supply properly to avoid any panic situation. People are helping the needy, but still, there are many people who are facing issues. The food supply should not be interrupted to avoid food shortage.

Food shortage is expected if coronavirus prolonged in Pakistan

In this emergency situation, where everyone is facing some issues. Food shortage is expected in Pakistan if this COVID-19 crisis will prolong in Pakistan. The situation can become worse if the food shortage occurs. Labor and daily wager are not getting work. Thus, he is unable to feed his family. Although there many generous people who are helping the needy people but there are still many people who need help. There is always a fear of food shortage as some people are storing the food in large amounts. The Government should take some steps to make sure that there will be no food shortage.

There is a lot of need that the Government should properly manage all the tasks to ensure food supply to the needy people. During the crisis or an emergency situation in a country, the most important thing is to manage the food production and supply of the food. The food is the basic element of everyone’s life.

The lockdown in the world has stopped some trade businesses also. Other countries have faced panic situations and empty shelves of the superstores, and now there is a threat that Pakistan can also face these situations if the situation is not handled properly.

There are many chances that there will be a great impact on perishable food due to the prolonged crisis situation. And then the staple food crisis can likely occur.

Economists and experts have suggested continuing the food supply chain, and all the steps should not get interrupted by any actions. The food should be made available in the markets. The farmers should work to make sure of the availability of the food in the markets.

There are some cases in which the people did panic buying and made the situation serious. But it is not the time to do panic buying, instead of storing a lot of food for ourselves. We should make sure that the other people who are in dire need of food can have a proper meal a day.

The experts have predicted that if the food production and food supply is not maintained properly by the authorities, then this country will have to face another crisis in the upcoming months. As Ramadan is also coming, there is a possibility that the prices of the fruits will go high, and the people will be unable to buy things at Ramadan.

Many generous and kind people and some organizations are providing rashan to the needy people. The famous celebrities such as the actor, actresses, singers, sportsman, and public figures are all participating in providing food to the labors and daily wagers.

We can fight with this situation with unity and harmony. We should take care of each other in this crisis. According to the ARY news, British-Pakistani Boxer Amir Khan had also distributed the rashan bags among the unprivileged Pakistanis with the help of the Pakistan Army.