Earn Rs. 50,000 Monthly -FOODPANDA’s Thoughtful Initiative For ‘Home Chefs’

Apart from giving an earning opportunity to home chefs, foodpanda has also been helping out elsewhere during this pandemic.

Earn Rs. 50,000 Monthly -FOODPANDA’s Thoughtful Initiative For ‘Home Chefs’
Earn Rs. 50,000 Monthly -FOODPANDA’s Thoughtful Initiative For ‘Home Chefs’

In these tough economic conditions and times, financial stability has become the highest priority for each family round the globe. Where companies are shedding many employees thanks to the shortage of business, foodpanda is offering Pakistanis an opportunity to earn an honest living. foodpanda counters lockdown with a thoughtful initiative for home chefs Pakistan’s no 1 food-delivery app has begun with an excellent initiative where a chance is being given to 100,000 home chefs to earn up to Rs. 50,000 or more during a month. This, during a bid to enable economic empowerment within the country in these difficult times.

This chance is already being availed by almost 1000 foodpanda home chefs across 18 cities of Pakistan. Up till now, foodpanda home chefs have raked in over 2.1 lac orders, delivering over 3000+ home-cooked meals a day. That too, only in 30 minutes
foodpanda knows these tough times involve empathy and empowerment for each household in Pakistan. Thus, the corporate is bent creating more economic opportunities, especially for ladies. Currently, the foodpanda home chef roster sees 60% of females. Additionally, foodpanda is that the only source of earning for 40% of home chefs.

How foodpanda is acing their corporate social responsibility to assist the needy.
From awareness messages of COVID-19 to special hygiene videos, foodpanda has been doing justice to corporate social responsibility like no other company. the corporate delivered 750+ fresh home-cooked meals for our heroes on ground, the frontline workers of the pandemic
Moreover, a project worth Rs. 2.4 million was funded with Punjab Govt’s skill development team to coach and empower 50 underprivileged women as foodpanda ‘home chefs’. The USAID has also partnered up with foodpanda during this reference to educate home chefs and little business owners.


Foodpanda’s tribute to women empowerment:

foodpanda served because of the key sponsor of the ‘Opportunities for Women’ segment on Women’s Day which was attended by 300+ members. Not only this, but foodpanda threw the spotlight on their most successful woman home chef by flying her certain the distinguished Pakistan stock market bell-ringing ceremony on Women’s Day.
All in all, foodpanda has been doing everything in its ability to assist the economy to thrive in these tough times. This new venture gives 100,000 families to earn a stable income with foodpanda and cope in these difficult times.

Here’s how you'll get yourself registered as a foodpanda home chef:

To register yourself as a foodpanda home chef, all you've got to try to do is follow this super-easy procedure. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional chef or an amateur, just go online register yourself as a home chef and begin earning some extra cash from the comfort of your home. 

We love how foodpanda has stepped up when needed, what does one consider this step?