Cynthia Ritchie really expounds on claims against PPP pioneers

Cynthia Ritchie goes into detail about allegations against PPP leaders

Cynthia Ritchie really expounds on claims against PPP pioneers

The American blogger and filmmaker Cynthia D Ritchie shared details about the rape allegation she made against former interior minister Rehman Malik and accusations that senior PPP leaders Yousaf Raza Gilani and Makhdoom Shahabuddin 'manhandled' her. 

Speaking to Shahzad Iqbal during the Geo News program 'Naya Pakistan', Cynthia said that she fully stands behind her accusations against the PPP leaders. 

Cynthia Ritchie alleged that Malik called her by sending a driver to her place and promised to resolve a problem associated with her visa. The US blogger said when she arrived to satisfy Malik, the gifts of a bouquet, precious mobile, and a drink were arranged for her. 
The drink, Cynthia said, intoxicated her and therefore the next thing she knew, Malik was raping her. She alleged that after the rape, Malik sent her back to her residence with the driving force. Cynthia said the previous interior minister gave £2,000 to the driving force who took her back to her residence. The US blogger said she complained to the US embassy about the incident, but didn't get a positive response from them.

Cynthia talks about former prime minister Gilani, Shahabuddin

Talking about former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, Cynthia alleged that he gave her an "awkward hug" and former federal minister Makhdoom Shahabuddin tried to touch her without her consent. consistent with Cynthia, she asked Shahabuddin to remain faraway from her then incident. 

Talking about her tweet regarding former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, she said it had been supported what senior PPP leaders had told her. Cynthia claimed that she met Gilani at the Aiwan-e-Sadr shortly after he was ousted because of the country's prime minister. 


Against Cynthia's baseless allegations on our party leader, late Benazir Bhutto shaheed.

She said her entry is often checked within the logbooks maintained by the Presidency. Disclosing that there have been four people within the meeting, Cynthia said that when she was close to departing, the previous prime minister hugged her awkwardly. consistent with her, she looked around the room, and every one the opposite men looked down as if they had seen nothing. 

In response to an issue on why she was coming forth with the allegations after numerous years, Cynthia said at the time she was afraid as these were a number of the foremost powerful men in Pakistan. However, she said that the recent tensions between her and therefore the PPP spiked after the US blogger claimed she discovered links between the PPP and the PTM. “It’s not the PPP’s headache on which visa I'm working in Pakistan,” she said when asked on whose authority she was probing links between the 2, adding that her agenda is that the truth which can begin in court. 

Cynthia said she is now ready to mention these incidents as she has developed contacts with people in various political parties like the PPP, PML-N, and also within the PTI. She accused PPP supporters of sending her rape and death threats, saying that even her family had not been spared. 

Cynthia's allegations 'pre-planned' plot to malign political leadership: PPP

Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani had reacted to Cynthia's allegations on Sunday, saying that they were a pre-planned plot to malign the political leadership of PPP.

The minister, during his news conference, said, "I would urge all the media channels of Pakistan, that a problem is being created to malign the political leadership of Pakistan."

"You can put it in writing. If we create pomp and show about it, then today it's the PPP, tomorrow it'll be another party then so on. Maybe, those that are blowing trumpets about it, they will also [fall victim to it]," he added. 

Ghani warned the federal by saying that folks were conscious of the 'activities' of these who were in power. "If they [federal government ministers] think they will be happy over false allegations regarding others, then they're going to need to face true allegations against themselves. Then they're going to not be ready to rid themselves of it," added Ghani.

In response to an issue, he angrily said that Cynthia had not revealed any tip about the PPP. "We have forgotten about the locusts, we've forgotten about the coronavirus, we've forgotten about poverty, we've forgotten about unemployment, we've forgotten about the economy. We are running the baseless and false allegations of a lady in our headlines," Ghani had said.

In response to a different question, the PPP leader had said that the allegations were being posed by a lady whose own character is dubious.

"At times, she is in Israel, sometimes in India. In one place at some point and another at another day. it'll all be revealed to you soon. A foreigner comes here and tries to be more patriotic than you and me. How can it be?" he asked.

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