Corona virus forced the Pakistani people to become digital

In this time of COVID-19 lockdown, the Pakistani people are doing work from home. Moreover, most of the people are using the online transaction system for sending or receiving money. The people are placing an online order for food. Because the dine-in in the hotels or the restaurants are not available. This is important that people should be aware of using the digital medium. Many digital apps are making life more comfortable in this lockdown. Thanks to these digital apps, which proved that today in this global village, being digitalized is much important than any other thing. Banks, hotels, online stores, online pharmacies, and the most important is the online presence of Government apps. These Government apps or websites can be used to make a complaint or to get register for aid.

Corona virus forced the Pakistani people to become digital

Pakistan is facing issues due to COVID-19. And all the provinces are in lockdown. The people are forced to sit at home and work from home. This lockdown has forced people to use digital apps to make their life easier. The people are using money transfer apps for sending or receiving money. They are placing an order simply by sitting at home. Because all the banks and restaurants are closed. The dine-in in the restaurants is not allowed. That’s why people are placing the order online.

The people are using the Foodpanda app for placing the online order for food. And they are using apps like Easypaisa and JazzCash for sending or receiving money locally. The apps of banks like HBL Mobile, ABL app, and UBL app are all providing ease to the people. They can quickly pay electricity and gas bills by using these bank applications. There is an online pharmacy Dawaai which is providing the opportunity to place the order of medicines by merely sitting at home.

At this time, we need to know the importance of technology and digitalization. People are feeling comfortable using such applications. And these digital apps are not only being used in Pakistan, but all the other countries are also doing the same in this crisis. The people of other countries are also using such apps for placing food and for sending money.

Online Presence of Government

Besides all this, the online presence of Government is significant. People can register their complaints by using Government apps. Ehsaas program being launched by Government in 2019 is working actively in this hour of crisis. The Ehsaas program is continuously in search of the needy people who need food and necessary things to remain safe and alive in this lockdown. The poor people or the laborers of Pakistan are facing many issues; they are not getting work. The daily wagers are severely affected by this lockdown. The Government is taking measures to help these daily wagers.

The Punjab Government has launched an Insaaf Imdaad Program through which the people having a low income can get funds. They just have to send an SMS or to register themselves online in this program to get the funds.

Corona Relief Tiger Force

The Government has also announced to make a volunteer team of youngsters, “Corona Relief Tiger Force,” for making the youth ready to cope up with the upcoming challenges. These young people will help the Government to educate the people to stay at home and provide them the necessary facilities for their survival. These young people can also get registered online by using the citizen portal.