KARACHI: a lady died and a number of other people were left wounded after another multi-story residential building in Karachi collapsed on Sunday night. many of us are feared to possess dead as a variety of individuals are feared stuck under the debris while rescue work was ongoing till late night. This was the third major multi-story residential building to possess collapsed within the last six months in Karachi.

The tragic incident happened at a five-story residential building located in Lyari’s Kalari area on Sunday night. The building collapsed with a loud explosion, causing fear and panic among the residents. the world plunged into darkness as electricity went out soon after the incident. Following the incident, army, Rangers troops, police, and rescuers from different welfare associations rushed to the location of the incident and mounted the search and operation. So far, the rescuers were ready to pull out the body of a lady and five injured which were shifted to hospital.”So far we've been recovered the body of a lady and five injured,” Deputy military officer of Police (DIGP) Sharjeel Kharal told The News. “Many feared as around 30 people are reportedly stuck under the debris.” DIG Kharal said that another multi-story residential building located next thereto was also evacuated because it was also declared dangerous and badly damaged.

The residents got notices when the building became dilapidated. While many families had already vacated their flats, several more left when another crack appeared within the building Sunday morning. Bricks and pieces of the building had begun falling since evening, the residents said, adding that the structure tilted before suddenly collapsing. “It was too early to mention what percentage more people were still trapped within the rubble,” says SSP District City Muqaddas Haider.

A crowd of people also gathered at the spot to look for his or her loved ones. There was one ill-fated victim who claimed that 18 members of his family were trapped under the debris. there have been quite 20 apartments within the entire building. “Eight of my relations and ten of my maternal uncle’s relations – both families lived within the fourth floor of the five-story building remained on missing and feared to possess died as phone numbers of all weren't responding,” feared Rashid, one among the residents of the unfortunate building with tears in his eyes.

Residents claimed that they need had already left the building after it began to tremble earlier within the day but many became victims once they were busy learning furniture and other stuff from the building. “My brothers and in-laws were within the building to select up furniture and other essentials when the building suddenly collapsed,” says another resident Anwar.
The occupants of the building blamed the owner of the building for losses of innocent lives.

“Asma Khatri is liable for all,”

blamed Aslam, another resident of the building. “Notices were already issued about three months ago to evacuate the building from the relevant authorities but the owner wasn't giving back the advance money to the occupants giving lame excuses that ‘the building won't collapse.”

Saad Edhi, the grandson of Abdul Sattar Edhi told the media that there were fewer individuals present within the building at the time of collapse and most had already evacuated the dilapidated structure.

The rescuers also faced difficulties because the area plunged into darkness as electricity went out soon after the incident. Police and Rangers reached the spot to clear the world for rescue teams as a crowd of many people gathered at the buildings' collapse site, causing difficulties for the rescuers.

Though the rescuers had been reached and began the search and operation with the assistance of the residents of the world, heavy pieces of machinery were also called remove the debris but thanks to the narrow and congested lanes, the heavy machines were unable to reach the spot.
Residents said that one six-story building was declared dangerous by Sindh Building Control Authority, who asked the residents to evacuate it, added that the building located in Khadda Market first tilted, creating panic among residents before it collapsed.
Many of the residents didn't evacuate the building when the notices were issued to them earlier. “We didn't have any alternate residence,” said the resident.

“Those who have had alternatives evacuated and therefore the remaining others were expecting any alternative but the building collapsed.”

Pakistan army rescue team has been reached to the incident site. consistent with Inter-Services PR (ISPR), Pakistan Army's rescue team was sent to the incident site and security forces at the location were rescuing and evacuating people within the operation.
Sindh Governor Imran Ismail and Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah sought a report from Commissioner Karachi and Director General Sindh Building Control Authority. They also directed immediate rescue operations.

Ooni Azam is:

The Sindh’s Minister for government, Nasir Hussain Shah has sought report of the building collapse in Lyari’s Liaquat Colony from the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). He has tasked the commissioner Karachi, Iftikhar Shallwani to go to the location and also make an initial inquiry report.

He directed the relevant authorities to effectively perform the rescue work. Meanwhile, mayor Karachi, Wasim Akhtar said that Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s (KMC) local department immediately reached the location. He directed the rescue department of the KMC to form alternate measures of lights to assist within the rescue work. On the direction of the mayor, the KMC’s press statement said that the heavy machinery had started removing the rubble while the workers of the hearth brigade department also are helping within the rescue work.
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