A Guide for Designing a Logo for Your Startup

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A Guide for Designing a Logo for Your Startup
Logo for Your Startup

In this pandemic-hit world, it’s could be difficult for you to stay optimistic and you would possibly believe that things could be over but no winter lasts forever and being a sensible entrepreneur, you would like to utilize all this point to urge prepared for what lies ahead. here is Guide for Designing a Logo for Your Startup. In the otherwise fast-paced world of startups, this could be the time to specialize in activities that you simply may need to be paid little attention to and one among such important jobs is to possess a killer logo for your brand which will set a robust foundation for your overall branding efforts. this text will walk you through major recommendations on designing an efficient logo that represents your brand message perfectly.

Can you imagine Nike without its black swoosh or Microsoft without its colorful window? It's hard, right? That’s because a logo that looks like a little element of your startup journey can make a huge difference to your ultimate startup success. At the startup phase of business, the key thing that drives your business may be having a robust brand that customers recognize and logo are some things from where your brand and your identity arises. It’s the face of your brand that sets a tone for your business and becomes the inspiration of all the components of your future branding effort.

Make a singular logo

We all know well that in today’s business landscape, competition is getting tougher and tougher and therefore the last item you would like is to urge lost within the crowd. Only those startups stand an opportunity to form it who does something different and it starts right from once you sit right down to design your logo. The logo for your startup is some things by which customers remember you and that’s why it must vary in order that they can’t associate it with anything but you.

Try to avoid logo design cliché like letters written in geometrical shapes, arc over letters or double letter overlap, regardless of how safe and easier it's going to seem. You don’t need a design which may start looking old fashioned in only a few years. Keep an eye fixed on new graphic design trends and appearance for tactics you'll put in your own logo.

The logo of Careem may be an exemplar of a singular logo. C’ of Careem is formed into a cheerful wink emoticon conveying itself as a fun, cheeky and bold startup that aspires to plan of the box.

The black color is typically used by high-end brands because it symbolizes class, quality, luxury and power


TCS, Airlift or Delivery company uses red color their logo as red denotes urgency and speed of service.


Cool colors like blue symbolize trust, authority and professionalism thus its mostly employed by tech-supported businesses.

So, use the right color, and your logo will perform better.

Paint your logo within the right colors:

The colors you employ can make or break your logo. Every color has some subliminal meaning, some emotion attached thereto, so you would like to use colors very wisely. Consider the worth you're adding to your customer’s life to assist you to opt with colors.

Companies like Careem, Easypaisa, Zameen.com have used green color their logo which symbolizes wealth, health, growth, happiness and nature.

Choose the proper font:

logo for your startup phase, having just a logo mark in your logo isn't enough. you ought to always remember to place logotype i.e. your name in your logo also as few people truly know your company. Once you get enough brand recognition and other people get conversant in your brand, you'll choose using just the brand mark. The font you select also makes a difference. It shall depend on what message your brand wants to speak. For a traditional and professional look, you'll use serif fonts. If you would like a more personal touch, you'll use handwriting or custom fonts. alongside fonts, also give consideration to the letter size as the right variation within the size can create an additional impact. confirm that your logo is proportional/balanced in size and make a harmonious visual effect.

Make it relevant:

A good logo shouldn't be simply some set of graphics, instead, it must tell a story about your brand. Attaching some story or expression together with your logo will evoke a positive connection and emotions in your customers. Use every feature of your logo; its color, its font, its graphics to inform what value your brand delivers and the way is it relevant to your customer. If your target customer is professionals then your logo design should be clean, sophisticated and professional. If your target customers are teens and youngsters, then it should be cheerful and vibrant. Doing this may confirm that your audience finds your logo relevant and hence memorable.

Keep it simple and clean:

You need a singular logo but it doesn't mean that it's to be complex. Nike has one among the only yet best logo. It just features a basic swoosh that tells the entire story about the brand. an easy logo with fewer colors, one icon, and clear text are often quite effective at being memorable. The impact of an easy logo is often increased by adding some creative elements thereto. Apple’s logo is simply an apple but the missing bite in it makes it unique. So, regardless of what proportion tempted, you are feeling to feature every visual element into your logo, stick with a maximum number of elements in your logo to deliver a message that's clear and uncluttered.

Make it flexible and scalable:

Your business or brand logo goes to be displayed nearly everywhere. It’s getting to be used on your products, website, brochures, card, promotional flyers, etc. Thus, it’s important to form sure that your logo for your startup is meant in like way that it goes altogether sizes, with all quite backgrounds and appears good on all types of surfaces. aside from its scalability, an honest logo should even be flexible enough to possess room for modification just in case of any future changes like rebranding. Again, designing a logo from scratch may be a daunting task. Use the above-mentioned tips to make an efficient and artistic logo to kick starter your branding journey on the proper foot.

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